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Traffic Tech Solutions Co., Ltd

300mm Automatic LED Traffic Light Long Visual Distance Solar LED Traffic Signal

Lighting & Electrical
300mm Automatic LED Traffic Light Long Visual Distance Solar LED Traffic Signal


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Lighting & Electrical  -  Warning Light

Offer Post Time: 2016-01-26

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Model: AIA-1


Carriage: Guangdong


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

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300mm Automatic LED Traffic Light Long Visual Distance Solar LED Traffic Signal 


TTSLED covers full range of LED traffic signal lights from 100mm to 400mm, with several years development of products by ourself and mutual developing products with our clients, we have our owned plastic housing molding for products, now our products include vehicle traffic signal light, pedestrian traffic signal light, bicycle signal, dynamic pedestrian light, traffic countdown timer for pedestrian and vehicle, solar warning light etc.


All of our Led traffic lights are CE and RoHS listed, several models compliant with ITE, energy saving at least 65%, with the customized made power supply for traffic lights and the high quality light source, our traffic signal can work more durable with lifespan up to 50,000 hours and more, they got praise for their novelty appearance, good color uniformity and wider visual angle.



Products Features:                 

·         Excellent appearance & visibility

·         High efficiency and high brightness LED Light source, larger visual angle

·         Long life of 50,000 hours and more

·         Up to 65% energy saving over incandescent

·         Exclusive optical lensing, good color uniformity and visual effect, long visual distance

·         Multi-layers sealed protection, high resistant capacity against water & dust

          Power by high efficient mono silicon solar panel, long lifespan up to 25 years and VRLA battery,                  reliable performance for whole solar warning traffic light system

·         Light intensity automatically adjustable

·         Up to national standard GB-14887-2003

·         CE approved & RoHS compliant


Applications: TTSLED solar Led traffic light are widely using in highway, driveway, toll-gate station, parking lots, entrance and other places.


Technical Spec.:


Model No.



Producing area

Normal working life

Work and vacancy proportion


Solar Panel



25 years

1 : 3

Accumulator Cell



3-5 years


2500 mcd


50,000 hours


Luminance proportion at day and night

Flashing Frequency

Working time of continuous rainy days

Operating temperature ()

Input voltage

Product size(mm)